Frequently Asked Questions

Stairs - Frequently asked questions 

Is it a worthwhile investment to install hardwood stairs before I sell my house?
How much does it cost to redo my staircase in hardwood?
Does you company provide the staining as well as the construction of hardwood stairs?
How long will it take to change my carpet stairs to hardwood?
I have 2 landings on my staircase. What are my options when changing my staircase form carpet to hardwood?
Does "Stair Steps" install new banisters?
What type of hardwood can you install on my staircase?
How much does it cost to change my wood spindles to wrought iron?
We have a big curved shelf on one side of our spiral staircase, can you make this hardwood too?
How close can you match the new stairs to our existing floors?
My staircase only has 1 picket per step. It seems like a big gap. Is that okay?
Do you have to remove my railings, or can you install around the spindles?
My bottom stair is curved. Can you maintain the same shape?
Will my stairs still squeak after the new stairs are installed.
Will I be able to use my stairs while the work is being done?
Can you provide all of the material for the stairs
Are you able to sand and stain my existing stringers when you do a staircase

Floors- Frequently asked questions 

How much do you charge per square foot to install engineered hardwood floors, hardwood floors and laminate floors?
If we decide to purchase the hardwood from you, Will it be Canadian wood or Chinese?
Is Canadian hardwood better than Chinese hardwood?
Why are my floors so squeaky, and can you fix them?
What does laminate flooring AC ratings mean?
What is the German "Tab Lock" system?
Do you guarantee your workmanship?
Do you guarantee your flooring materials?
How do I maintain and clean my hardwood floor?
Should I keep my house at a certain temperature?
Will humidity affect my hardwood floors?
Is wax paper a vapour barrier?
Do I need to have an underlay under my new laminate floors?
What does hardwood floor "Milling issues" mean?
I am selling my house. Will I get my money back by installing hardwood floors?
Should I acclimate my hardwood flooring before installation?
Does it matter what type of material the backside of engineered hardwood is made from?

Miscellaneous - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install baseboards and trim, If so how much do you charge?
Our bedroom is really cold in the winter above the garage, can you address this before new floors are installed?
How much do you charge to remove carpet?
What area's do you serve?
Do you charge to provide an in-home quote?