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google reviews 4.9 stars stairsteps



google reviews 4.9 stars stairsteps


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Staircase Refinishing
Stair Capping 

Focus on one thing and perfect it




Staircase Refinishing & Stair Capping

Focus on one thing and perfect it




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In a Nutshell

Well as the heading above would suggest, Stairsteps specializes in remodeling ageing staircases and stair railings, Newel Posts and Spindle systems. We can take a staircase currently covered with carpet, cap the treads and risers transforming it into a hardwood masterpiece. We can also take an existing hardwood staircase and change the colours and bring it back to life. We only use the best and most durable finishes. Stains and varnishes that stand the test of time

Removing an existing staircase and installing a brand new one is simply not necessary most of the time. Even if you have some squeaks, these can be rectified from the topside when re-capping 99% of the time.


Staircase Capping

StairSteps manufactures any shape of step and installs any type of stair railing, that your heart desires. Many times we need to create a template of your steps, manufacture it, stain and varnish it. Once we have the finished step, it is then ready to be capped accurately on top of your old steps.

Of course your existing steps need to be prepared in order to accept the new treads. Your new wood stairs will be stained and varnished offsite in a controlled environment prior to installation. This way you and your family will have 24/7 access to your staircase.


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Staircase Refinishing

Another specialty of ours is to take an existing hardwood staircase, and change the colour. Usually the existing colour is a very common yellowing oil based varnish that was applied by the builder years prior. In this process we completely sand down your current hardwood treads, stringers, risers, handrails or banisters and stain match to whatever colour that you want. This will not only provide you with a more modern colour, but will completely freshen up your entire staircase.


Stain Matching

Another very important aspect is our staining service. We take the headache out of stain matching. This includes difficult multi-tone colouring. This is a very important topic because the alternative would be for you to take a colour sample to a paint store or the like. The problem with that is, most paint stores simply "can not" provide an accurate match. Trust us, we know. This is crucial part of the end product that we will stamp our name on. So it has to be right.


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Not just the Treads and Risers

StairSteps not only specializes in capping stair treads into your desired species and colour, but we also specialize in manufacturing custom nosing (Floor edge pieces) and if you have a curved staircase, you may have a solid hardwood curved ledge, landing or platform in the corner, we do those too. Whatever the shape or contour of your floor's edge or ledge may be, we can manufacture it precisely to fit your space. Of course, we will match the profile to your new stairs and straight bullnosing.

We will update your Handrails by either providing new, or we can refinish them. We, for the most part provide new Newel Posts, because we normally come across builder style Colonial posts with the ball on top, in a dated yellowing honey colour. Achieving a modern looking staircase can be challenging if one doesn't swap out their existing Colonial Newel Posts. Well, the same can be said for spindles  a variance of iron spindle colour options. Normally the process is as follows. We will remove and refinish your stair railing to a new-like condition. We provide or manufacture up-to-date custom newel post designs to meet your specifications, and replace your current spindles for a more contemporary feel. This can be achieved using both wrought iron or wood spindles. 


Wood Flooring

But Wait! You have some wood flooring that needs to be done! and you would rather have it all completed by one company. Well last but not least, wood flooring, nail down hardwood flooring, glue down, click floating Engineered flooring or Laminate flooring whatever the case, this is where StairSteps started. You are certainly in good hands having us compliment our stair work with our flooring expertise.


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Now let's bring this together!


 To get started, all you need to do is click the red button, and we'll provide you with a free, very accurate quote usually within 48 hours.






 To get started, all you need to do is click the red button,

and we'll provide you with a free, very accurate quote usually within 48 hours.









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