Our Products & Services

Our company's specialty services include transforming a tired old carpet  stairsinto a truly lovely new Hardwood masterpiece. And our other area of company's expertise is installing many types of flooring including Hardwood, Laminate, Engineered hardwood and Bamboo.


Staircase remodel

When it comes to Hardwood stairs, we provide the materials and the installation. We have installed the inexpensive stair tread manufacturers stairs as well as the "Big Box" stair and tread packages on the market today, none of which come close to the modern style or construction quality in comparison to our treads. Let us come by and show you the difference. We are sure that you will agree.

Our company also provide staining, sealing and polyurethane finishing. The finishing process is a requirement regardless of whether you are planing to stain match your new hardwood stairs to an existing floor colour, or  going for a more natural look where only a sealer and polyurethane will be needed .

During the renovation process of your new hardwood stairs, you will have 24/7 access to all levels in your home, this is whether or not you would like us to stain, seal and polyurethane or not.

No matter the style, shape or size of your staircase we can revive it in your choice of hardwood species, which will completely changes the entire look and feel of your home. This includes custom landings and curved upper shelves, that are sometimes incorporated into spiral staircase designs.


Flooring solutions

StairSteps provides professional installation of Hardwood flooring, Laminate flooring, Engineered hardwood flooring and Bamboo flooring. We also can provide you with all of the flooring materials including the flooring of course, but also the baseboard, quarter round or shoe mold trim to finish off the job. We will also take care of the bull nosings where the staircase accesses the floor, as well as bull nosings where any balconies may be present. This of course includes handrail and spindle removal and re-assembly which makes for a tidy job.

Of course we will install any wood that you have already purchased, but we, as mentioned above can supply the flooring. We have installed many different manufacturers flooring products as well as their flooring grade options. This experience has allowed us to offer our customers only the best in quality through this process of elimination as mentioned in our "How important are Hardwood grades" story.


How much does it cost

We have learned that some people are not interested in having multiple contractors coming to their home to provide  a quote. To some, this process can be extremely stressful. For example, scheduling an convenient a time for a  home visit, sales pressure tactics of many contractors etc... But of course, on the other hand everyone wants to shop around for a competitive price.

So this is one of the reasons that we have created our instant cost calculators which provides an online, real time quote to within about 5% of the actual cost, based on your input.  Therefore if you need to get a starting point to the most common question "How much does it cost"  then feel free to access our calculators