Engineered hardwood flooring and Installation



"StairSteps" supplies and installs various types and colours of Engineered flooring. We have access to the best Engineered hardwood flooring on the market. The Engineered hardwood that we supply includes the following attributes...





Hardwood backing

 If you visit retailers, you will notice that a great many of them are selling engineered hardwood flooring with softwood backings. Usually spruce plywood. Now why does this matter? 

This matters because different species of wood will expand and contract at different temperatures and humidity levels. logically if you were to have a shift in temperature and/or humidity levels with a more dense hardwood laminated or glued to a less dense softwood, resistance is inevitable. This will cause warping and/or checking (cracking).

Spring-lock system

The spring-lock system that is incorporated into the engineered hardwood flooring products that we supply "Lock in" every side of every board. It by far, has the strongest connection in the market.

The amount of pressure needed to release a spring-lock connection compared to a regular tongue & groove (T&G) or male & female connection is five fold.

When a spring-lock engineered hardwood floor is installed, you will never have to worry about the floor separating at the joints. This is a common problem engineered flooring connections.

Separating at the joints you say? what is that?

Engineered hardwood or laminate for that matter can separate at the joints. This is due to an inferior installation. Inexperienced installers will use a "Tapping block". That in itself is not an issue, but when the installer hammers the tapping block or just the wood to hard, the male flange can, and will break off. You should never have to use extreme force. But if the "Spring-lock" system is incorporated with-in the Engineered hardwood the joints will remain strong regardless.

If there is resistance while attempting to install a board, there is a reason. Find it and fix it.

Canadian and American made  

We have touched on the topic elsewhere on the site with regards to why you should by Canadian hardwood flooring, Engineered hardwood is no different. If you know what to look for, you will be armed with important knowledge that can save you from a potential disaster down the road.



We are not a store. We are professional installers with vast experience in Engineered hardwoods. We know what brands and their crucial product specifications that are essential in ensuring a durable and beautiful floor. Please read our Products & Services page to learn more about us and how we operate.

Although milling issues in hardwood flooring, and to a  lesser extent, laminate flooring are wide spread, most of the engineered hardwood that we have come across has been very suitable. But lacking some very important features, as mentioned above, that can make a huge difference in the long term.

Engineered hardwood flooring is a great way to have your Basements and condominiums furnished with real hardwood. Engineered hardwood installs very similar to laminate, but in our opinion looks nicer.

If an Engineered floor in on your horizon, let us take the guess work out of the equation.