Engineered Hardwood Flooring and Installation


 "StairSteps" supplies and installs various types and colours of Engineered flooring. We have access to the best Engineered hardwood flooring on the market. But we will also install Engineered hardwood that you have already purchased .




Hardwood backing

 If you visit retailers, you will notice that a great many of them are selling engineered hardwood flooring with softwood backings. Usually spruce plywood or worse. Now why does this matter? 

This matters because different species of wood will expand and contract at different temperatures and humidity levels. logically if you were to have a shift in temperature and/or humidity levels with a more dense hardwood laminated or glued to a less dense softwood, resistance is inevitable. This may cause warping and/or checking (cracking).

Better than Solid Hardwood?

Engineered Hardwood of days ago was installed primarily in basements or in condominiums with concrete floors, and was of the "click" or floating variety. i.e. not nailed down. This is because unless a sub-floor was installed over the concrete, solid hardwood floors could not be installed. Well times have changed. 3/4" Engineered hardwood flooring is now recommended over solid hardwood flooring because of it's extreme expansion & contraction stability factors when in comparison to solid hardwood flooring. Contrary to popular belief, quality Engineered hardwood flooring can be sanded down at least once if down the road a colour change was desired.

North American made  

We have touched on the topic elsewhere on the site with regards to why you should by Canadian hardwood flooring, Engineered hardwood is no different. If you know what to look for, you will be armed with important knowledge that can save you from a potential disaster down the road.


Lock Tabs


Lock tabs refer to plastic tabs that are incorporated into the sides of each floating floor board. This does not have anything to do with the nail down version of Engineered Hardwood. StairSteps will suggest that installing a floating floor without "lock tabs" is okay, provided the installer does not knock off the tabs that click the boards together during the installation process, and that these tabs are not too shallow which makes separation far too easy for "Mother Nature" 




We are not a store. We are professional installers with vast experience in Engineered hardwoods. We know what brands and their crucial product specifications that are essential in ensuring a durable and beautiful floor. 

Although milling issues in hardwood flooring, and to a  lesser extent, laminate flooring are wide spread, most of the engineered hardwood that we have come across has been very suitable. But lacking some very important features, as mentioned above, that can make a huge difference in the long term. (This refers mostly to click/floating floors)

Engineered hardwood flooring is a great choice for all of your wood flooring needs.

If an Engineered floor in on your horizon, let us take the guess work out of the equation.