Bamboo Flooring and Installation



"StairSteps" supplies and installs various types and colours of Bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring products can either be a nail/staple down floor, or a click/floating floor. Bamboo has four main types of products.

We are not a store. We are professional installers with vast experience in Bamboo flooring. and are happy to supply you with a quality floor.  But we will also install Bamboo flooring that you have already purchased.

With the world becoming more and more committed to "going green", Bamboo flooring products have increased in popularity. This is because, as many of you already know, bamboo is in the grass family and is not wood.

Bamboo forests replenish at a rate of up to twenty feet in height per week. Try that with a hardwood! Now, With that said, If you are interested in an Eco-friendly option that looks and feels like a hardwood floor, then Bamboo Floors may be a great choice for you.





Horizontal bamboo

Horizontal bamboo is in it's natural state. which is stronger than carbonized, but weaker, far weaker in-fact than woven or stranded bamboo.

"Horizontal" refers to the way in which the grass is laid out before it is formed into boards. With horizontal bamboo you will see the true characteristics of bamboo, because it is laid horizontally along, what will become the length of the board, so you will see it's knots along its length.

Vertical bamboo

 Vertical bamboo flooring shares the same natural state as horizontal bamboo. The difference is only the way in which the grass is laid out prior to board formation. The end result is, with vertical bamboo you will not notice the same knot formation.


Carbonized bamboo

The name Carbonized bamboo provides the product with a misleading conception. We think of Carbon, we think of strength and durability.

But in-fact all that the carbonizing process does regarding bamboo flooring is simply give the bamboo a darker and more elegant richer colour. Carbonized bamboo is typically a nail/staple down flooring.

Carbonized bamboo is the weakest of the four types of bamboo flooring.


Strand Woven bamboo


Strand Woven bamboo is the process of adhering bamboo grass fibers together, much like its three cousins horizontal, vertical and carbonized bamboo flooring. The difference is the woven process. This makes the finished product much stronger. Very similar to South American hardwoods in-fact. Such as Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) and Tigerwood.

The visual characteristics of Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring strays away for the traditional look of the other three type's of Bamboo above. Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring looks much like a low grain Hardwood such as Hard Maple. Strand Woven bamboo flooring is incredibly durable. 



When you are considering flooring materials, and "Going Green" is important to you, or simply because you just love the look of bamboo, then bamboo may be a great choice for you.